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Several times over the past 10 years I have seen Steve as my physical therapist. He helped me after knee surgery, abdomen surgery, and back problems. Each time he explains to me why I hurt, how the muscle/joint is supposed to work, and how he and I together can get it back to right and strong. He does this in terms and demonstrations that really help me understand, which my doctors didn't even do. A few years ago I was sent to another therapist, and was so disappointed. Steve is really the best. Steve really wants to help you and make sure that you can get back to normal and help yourself. Thank you Steve.

- Cindy T.

Steve at Physical Therapy of Gurnee has been great. He worked hard to find the core of my injury, and not only helped me improve, but Steve also helped me get stronger by explaining to me how to help protect my knee, and strengthen it to protect it from future injuries. He is a great therapist.

- Rick R.

Steve is awesome. I have had back pain for years, went to several doctors and therapists, and would leave feeling a little better, but still always had back pain. A co worker recommended Steve. He explained to me how the back and my core body works together. He helped relieve the pain, and then worked on strengthening my back and core to protect my back. I have never felt this good. I still have some days with pain, but I feel better than I have in years. Steve has been a god send.

- Melissa L.